Vodafone brings out visual voicemail for iPhone users in Australia

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The iPhone is a very good phone (but I still prefer a Blackberry), but there is one feature that has been missing on the Australian models that is present in America, and that is called visual voicemail; however, Vodafone Australia has announced today that by May 29, all iPhone users on their network will have access to that feature.

The visual voicemail application is simply a visual interpretation of the voicemail functions that your mobile operator has, allowing users to see who called them by name, and play, skip and delete messages with buttons and not your numerical keypad.

“Our iPhone 3G customers will no longer have to trawl through all their voicemails to get to the ones they want to hear. It’s convenience at your fingertips,” General Manager of Consumer Markets, Edward Goff, said in a press release.

The application is said to be in the latest update of the iPhone firmware, and users are suggested to install it in order to access the application.

The only problem, however, it does cost and it is not free – and there are limits, like you can only have 20 messages at one time, and it does eat up at your download cap. According to Vodafone, however, they are limited to be around 3 seconds to 5 minutes, and will be around 50kb in size.

If you want the feature to be turned off, just dial 1218 – and if you want it to be turned on again, just dial 1217. You will still be able to access the old way by calling 121.

There is no word if Optus and Telstra, the other two carriers selling the iPhone, will be bringing this feature to their networks.

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