Psystar meets Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Psystar, the ill-famed company that creates unauthorised Mac clones, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Psystar has been at loggerheads with Apple Inc’s tightness between software and hardware over a number of years, citing anti-competition laws as its arguement that Apple is taking advantage of OS X and not allowing others to installed and cheaper, custom-built machines – namely PC’s. Psystar is currently in a legal battle with Apple, with Apple accusing Psystar of being in direct violation of its EULA and the Digital Millenium Act. It is believed that this new development will hamper Apple’s court battles to successfully sue and shut down Psystar for good. June 5 has been schedueled as the court appearance for Psystar’s Chapter 11 filing in Florida. It is believed that those who have, did and are investing in Psystar will be named and that Psystart’s financial backers have removed affliations with the company before the filing was filed.