A message from the editor in chief of techgeek.com.au

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As techgeek.com.au is growing at a rapid rate, I have to fess up and make an apology to readers who were deceived in a recent story “Microsoft acquisition of Chandler Networks”, thinking that the New Zealand company Chandler Networks has been bought by Microsoft.

The full story has been removed because it failed to meet the techgeek.com.au’s ethos of accurate and opinionated. I, as editor in chief, failed to realise this error, and I do apologise for those readers who have been deceived by our writer, who does own the company in question.

The writer, who will not be named, has been suspended for two weeks for failing to meet the requirements of that ethos. I do wish to say that techgeek.com.au does NOT have any links with Chandler Networks, other than the writer who owns the company. The company does not own a stake in the website.

I do apologise again for those who were deceived.