North Korea to get internet access on phones

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North Korea will be finally stepping into the 21st century after it was reported (by a government website) that internet access via their mobile phones will be turned on, allowing users to have access to news reports by the Korean Central News Agency and news about Pyongyang, the capital of the country.

According to the Associated Press, the website – seen on an ordinary computer – will allow users to listen to music, get information about books or other information and even engage in chatting via the web. No word if this will be on the mobile site, however.

The service is set to be run by the network that is run by the Government with the cooperation with Egypt-based Orascom Telecom, which was launched in December of last year. The company had reached over 20,000 users by the end of March.

The service comes with several restrictions – including that phones are not allowed to have contact with non-North Koreans, and that networks that foreigners use when they are permitted to go inside the state are banned to non-foreigners.