Wolfram Alpha – the intelligent search engine

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After a delayed launch because of problems, Wolfram Alpha has now appeared to many – therefore technically launched. The new search engine has been called the Google competitor, which I refuse to call it because it uses Google under its “Search the Web” feature, but it isn’t. It’s so much more.

The search engine is a very intelligent search engine as it manages to compile a huge amount of data, like trading data, recent returns, charts, dates, historical facts, timelines, etc. in one single search page – and while you can say it does a step better than Google, it does take time to load up all that information, as it image intensive – mainly because of the font they are using is not a “web standard font”. Still, the design is pretty sleek.


While it is an intelligent search engine, being a computer can bring some mixed results – since it will choose the most common assumption. While it does make such assumptions, you can change the assumption to something else, like in the below above.

However, it is not only used for financial data or getting information from other sources. It is, at its core (like the company that created it) is a mathematical calculation website. You can put in any mathematical equation (simple or advanced) and it will calculate and produce a graph if need be. This is something that makes it outstanding, as you can see below:


Not only its a search engine, but it is also will make a developer happy. Wolfram Research, the company that is making all of this happen, is allowing you access of the API that powers Wolfram Alpha – with its mix of its flagship product, the powerful Mathematica software.

The website is open right now, and you can try it our yourself. You can also download a lot of its gadgets for Windows Vista, iGoogle or the Mac Dashboard – or even get its toolbars or add it as an IE8 Accelerometer. The site, however, will make it a dream for those who need it for math calculations – because no other website has ever done such an accomplished task like Wolfram Alpha.