eBuddy releases Android application – now where’s the iPhone app?

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eBuddy, that very popular web messenger that a lot of people use (especially the mobile site to bypass filters) that has access to many IM networks, has now made its way to the Google Android platform, delighting those who got the new HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1).

Note: You have to download it from the Android Market Application. If you want more information, because you can’t see anything on the official Market website, Cyrket has that information.

The new application has every single supported protocol that eBuddy currently supports, except for Skype – which is a bummer, because no application (even Skype) has brought the program to the open source platform. What is also unique is that it is an application that runs in the background – so if you are in a call, it will still continue, even if you are calling the person.

Another good thing is that you can now talk to other people on other IM networks than Google’s Gtalk under one account. You can see the application screenshots below, after the jump.

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