Tom Lamming to leave Telstra, return to US

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The leader of Telstra’s ongoing program to transform their existing IT infrastructure, Tom Lamming, has said that he will be leaving Telstra and will go back to his home country, the United States of America, on 30 June, according to the telco.

Lamming is the second high-profile person to leave the company within the last two weeks, and will follow several of his US based colleagues back home. He was appointed during the tenure of previous CEO Sol Trujillo, who will be succeeded by Telstra’s Enterprise and Government division head, David Thodey.

As of today, all of US executives appointed to Trujillo have left Telstra.

“This has been one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs that anyone could ever do,” Lamming said in a press release.

“Telstra’s transformation is the largest, most comprehensive and successful I have ever seen, and we have implemented it at speed. The wider transformation has touched all parts of Telstra and the IT program has played a significant role.”

His successor has not been appointed yet.