Tip: Think you waste too much time on Facebook?

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Think you visit a site too much? Need to work on a project but you tend to drift away to Facebook, Twitter or even eBuddy? Sure, you could always try not to use them, but we all know that is very hard to do – especially when you could potentially miss out on (insert thing that you do here). Have no fear, there is a site that you would like.

Keep Me Out! promises to allow you to access the site once in a set timeframe (in minutes), so lets just say we block Twitter and allow me to use it once in every 60 minutes (or one hour). However, this only works if you use the domain link that they provide you – and put it in your bookmarks bar and rename it.

There you have it, a quick and simple way to allow you not to get distracted. If you, however, have a lot of distractions – then good luck.

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