Microsoft to buy executive-linked start-up

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imageA videogame start-up partly owned by a Microsoft executive is set to be acquired by Microsoft. The company will purchase BigPark, a Vancouver-based company with veteran staff from Electronic Arts, and allow the company to offer its new untitled game as an exclusive for the Xbox 360 console.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed by both companies.

The company, partly owned by Don Mattrick, an executive who also runs the videogame business in Microsoft (where he is also the chairman and co-founder of the company), is still looking for people to become animators, web designers, project managers, audio designers, technical artists, etc.

David Dennis, a spokesperson for Microsoft, has told the Wall Street Journal that Mattrick was not involved with the discussions and that the deal came from other executives, including Phil Spencer and Robbie Bach.

“The team was blown away by the creativity and talent of folks at the studio,” Dennis said. “We think the game they’re working on is going to be a hit.”