Seesmic brings out updated AIR app – brings in Facebook support

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If you are part of the group of testers who managed to download the Seesmic Desktop AIR application (and let’s face it, it’s not that hard), then you will have noticed in your e-mail inbox that you would have received an update to its application.

The new update, which still doesn’t integrate its own service of allowing video comments, adds support to Facebook Connect along with the usual Twitter integration after buying Twhirl. The interface still remains the same, but the font is apparently 1 point bigger.

Also, new features include to “Favourite” tweets and “Like” Facebook updates; rename the account in the configuration page and following and unfollowing Twitter users. However, commenting on Facebook updates hasn’t been added – but is expected to be featured soon.

If you want the application, you will need to go to Seesmic’s website. Don’t forget, you will need Adobe AIR before you can use it.