Exetel to bring in filtering system

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Exetel has announced that it will be trialling its own content filtering system to prepare itself for the Government’s own planned filter blacklist once the trials determine the result. While it is not technically part of the filtering trial being done under the Government, the trial is set to be under similar guidelines.

It has enlisted the help of Watchdog to provide the technology, using BGP technology to redirect users to a page saying that the site has been blocked. Its technology is said to takes “so little bandwidth” that it would not degrade the network.

“The main advantage of both of these types of filters over other technologies is the fact that they have no appreciable effect on network performance which is a critical requirement for today’s high-speed networks,” according to Watchdog’s website.

It is currently being used by British Telecom with its “Clean Feed” program – which several ISPs in the country have also signed up. Unlike Australia’s filter, this one is optional by the ISP.

Exetel has said that it plans to conduct these trials on April 28. However, it will not be letting its customers to opt out of these trials, which none of the operating ISPs who are part of a trial has done. Also, there is no announced end date, but it will stop once the goals have been achieved.

“Since it isn’t exactly known what the results will be, neither is the end date. My expectation is a few days to a week,” one of the Network Admins on Exetel posted on the forums where it was announced.