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Facebook has announced the preliminary results of its new “Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” – which started after outrage from users over the previous revision to the terms of use policy, which forced them to revert to the previous (and now current) one.

The results, which are being counted by an independent auditor, have shown that approximately 74.4 percent of the users who voted accepted the new proposed documents over the existing Terms of Use. However, because these are preliminary results, this does not constitute a final result – but it is looking likely that a majority of users have accepted the proposal; but it is not the a majority of all users on the social networking site.

Facebook has said, despite hopes of a high turnout; out of its 200 million users, only 600,000 users voted on a decision on the new “Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” document – which is a very, very tiny group of users who voted.

“We’d hoped to have a bigger turnout for this inaugural vote, but it is important to keep in mind that this vote was a first for users just like it was a first for Facebook. We are hopeful that there will be greater participation in future votes,” Ted Ullyot, General Counsel for the social networking website, wrote in a blog post.

However, the question now is that does the 600,000 users who voted were able to pass the vote. Well, according to the rules on the vote, it was able to pass if it had 30 percent of all active users (or 60 or 70 million users) that had to vote. “In the meantime, we’re going to consider lowering the 30-percent threshold that the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities establishes for a user vote to be binding,” Ullyot continued.

Does this mean we have to vote again?

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