New Sony Walkman lets you play dress up with your player

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A bit creepy, but Sony has now introduced a new Walkman that will allow you to customise your player to meet your technicolour dreams, and allow you to dress it up to almost anything you want. The E Series will go out next month in 2GB (NW-E042), 4GB (NW-E043) and 8GB (NW-E044) capacities. It can playback music for about 28 hours, and only weighs 28g. It also comes with a FM radio feature in-built.

The new colour will also come with accessories, allowing you to have a silicon lanyard, an armband and a silicon case. They start at 8000 yen, which is about $115.75 in Australian dollars – which is pretty expensive for a small MP3 player.

More Images can be found below.

[Via, via Engadget]