Video shows that SMS could hijack phone, steal personal information

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You should be careful on who has your contact details, especially after watching this video; as a hacker, with the right tools, can and take your personal details and possibly hijack your phone remotely by using a simple SMS message, according to Trust Digital.

Called the “Midnight Raid Attack”, the one shown above, a hacker could send a SMS message with a link that has an executable file that would send a SMS message back to the hacker, with personal details about you. The video shows that a hacker could possibly get a code that would make your phone unlocked, if the phone was in his possession.

Another video, called the “Hot Spot Business Card Attack”, an SMS sent by a hacker could control a phone that is connected on a Wi-Fi attack and then use the tools that he has to find your e-mail login information on the Wi-Fi network.

Remember, these are proof-of-concept videos, so there are more likely to show you the dangers and not tell you how to do it. But still, make sure you be careful on who you give it out.