Windows 7 RC to be released in May 5?

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According to a Microsoft Partner Program page, the release candidate version for the successor to Windows Vista, Windows 7, will be out to the public on May 5, 2009; unless, you are a MSDN or TechNet subscriber, then you will be able to download it now (Ars Technica, however, says that it is not available to TechNet subscribers).

While this could be another slip up, it does add up. Microsoft previously said that the release candidate version was going to be in May, but now, we have a specific date. You can see the proof below:


We also learnt more information about the versions. From Home Premium and up, you will be able to have Aero Glass, improved media format support and multi-touch recognition, along with improved handwriting recognition – allowing a tablet PC to recognise handwriting to text better than the previous version. Professional edition and up will have features including, “Domain Join” – allowing a user to access secure networks easily, “Location Aware Printing” – to help find the right printer when moving between home and office, and a encrypted file system.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate will have BitLocker protection, “DirectAcess” – allowing you to connect and get resources from the road without a VPN connection, “BranchCache” – open files and web pages from a branch office, and “AppLocker” – which will restrict unauthorised software and ‘enables greater security’.

Windows 7 Ultimate, however, will also contain multiple-language packs.