What happens if we “cross-breed” the Nokia N96 and the iPhone?

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Well, this might answer the question at the top. The NokiPhone N3000i says that it brings the best of “Both Worlds”, merging the iPhone’s touchscreen capabilities and the Nokia N96’s dual slide keypad, with one side having the usual keypad, and the other showing the media buttons (play, stop, fast forward, etc.).

Like gadgets from China, it is a horrible product. The operating system doesn’t even feel right and all the labels are too big to fit the layout. Also, why is the Safari icon is under “Services”, and the Calendar icon being under “Extra”; and while we are at it, why is the Photos icon being listed as “City Map” – there are more, but it would be too long ot fit.

The phone is said to feature Bluetooth 2.0 with a “T-Flash Card” support (and it comes with a 256TF card); has GPRS and WAP connectivity, can support MMS messaging, has 1 game included. Also, it supports MP3 and MP4 audio and AVI video.

But, it doesn’t have the same price as the two phones – it only costs US$129.99.

[Source: ChinaGrabber]