Microsoft New Ad Campaign Against Apple

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In the world of technology lately, there has been a lot of change and innovation going on with the machines many of us use in our -day-today lives. The PC, for a long time, has dominated market share and seen as a God-send for businesses. Over the years, the price and efficiency of computers have opposed each as the price drops and processing power increases. Apple however, are seen as a ‘cool’, ‘hip’ company that currently has a strong, loyal fan and developer base. Marvels that amazed the world, thanks to Mac OS X and the iPod range, didn’t come without an expensive price tag. Microsoft, now in a fray to repair its damaged reputation after the disastrous Vista release, have dumped their Seinfeld ads and put on hold their “I’m A PC” campaign for the moment to make way for their new “Laptop Hunters” Campaign.

Currently, there are three ads, with a possible fouth on the way. The first oneĀ  Laptop Hunters – Lauren Gets A HP Pavilion tells teh story of a woman named Lauren who has a strict, $1000 budget. If she finds the right laptop she is looking for, shee keeps it. Upon entering the Apple Store, she whines that she is not ‘cool enough’ to be a ‘Mac’ person. She states that for $1000 there is only a 13″ screen available and she would have to double her budget to get a stylish Unibody MacBook.

The second one – Laptop Hunters $1500 Lisa and Jackson get a Sony VAIO – features an 11-year-old boy wanting to get a new laptop with Lisa. He looks at the Apple machines and they both agree that they look good, but are out of their price range. Jackson ends up buying a Sony VAIO and states that he is a PC.

This new campaign by Microsoft is conveniently timed with current economic conditions and is solely attacking the price of Apple’s MacBook line. Apple is known for having more expensive hardware and software but for those who buy it and learn to use it properly, say that the cost of purchase is definitely outweighed by the experience and overall use of the machine/software.