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So did you notice a change? Yes, we have a new logo – a brand new, non-capitalised “TECHGEEK” logo. Thanks for noticing that. Oh, and just got recently a brand new web design which replaces the old “Flux” template we had for about six months.

So, why did we change the design? Well, we had a look at our branding for 2009 – well, all of the sites did under Reawaken Media; and we decided that we need something to bring “spark” back to our new site – and that’s what this theme brought.

So let us welcome BitStream.

Posts Page

By reading it now, you would have seen a change in the layout. The post layout is now different to the index layout, allowing us to be more flexible in the template. You would have notice that the title is much bigger, and that there is something at the bottom of the post.

We call this the “Toolbox” – and it is appropriately named as it contains the same six links that would allow you to share the link to these aggregators, two links (Twitter and Facebook) to share the link itself, a trackback URL, a shorten link from TinyURL so you can put it up anywhere, and three links to see more posts from the current day, month or year.

Along the bottom is the comments section – and this is where some new changes come into play.


The Comments Section has been added two standout features, threaded comments and Gravatars, both which have been included in WordPress, but we never got to implement them into our template until now. Threaded Comments also allow us to bring in, well, another feature as well – comment reply!

If you don’t know what Gravatars, they are like avatars – but they are linked to your e-mail address when you post a comment.This means, in simpler terms, that when you put your e-mail address in the comment box, Gravatars search their database and bring up the avatar when you submit your comment. Why not create one now!

A New Way to look at Archives

If you haven’t noticed our archive section, well you should now. We have now made two distinctive designs – one for the categories themselves, and another for the monthly archive, the topics archive and the author’s archive. The new design allows us to be more creative on how we show the posts – and only the category archives will be showing you the entire post – except when we truncate it.

As well, on some author pages, you will see some new links – these are their social networking profiles. While we have listed Twitter for now, we will be getting more social.

Subscribe and Follow

Do you subscribe to our feed? Follow us on Twitter? They were previously small links, but now they have their own dedicated section on the sidebar – along with Widgets (which will just add our RSS feed to your preferred news aggregator) and Mobile.

Mobile is, basically, our mobile site – and make sure you click on it to find out more information!


I know people hate advertising, but you will notice that we have increased the number of advertisements we have on our site. Well, we recently had to put in more advertisements to pay off our server costs. While we are actually starting to gain more profit, we actually need to remain profitable – especially in these troubled times. It’s either advertising, or locking down our tutorials and tips and tricks to paying customers and donors.

However, unlike other blogs, we will NEVER PUT ADVERTISING IN THE POST CONTENT.


The new design only took weeks to design – since it comprises of different layers. But at the end, it all paid off the troubles and my hatred against Internet Explorer (Why? Well, it’s a crappy browser). We do, however, want to hear your thoughts about the design – so why not drop a comment.

Terence Huynh
Editor in Chief