Rumour Mill : Is this the parts list to Apple’s next-gen iPhone?

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Digitimes, which has rumour creditability like the previous US President George W. Bush’s approval rating in the last few months into his presidency, has said that they have a list on who will be making certain parts for the rumoured Apple iPhone Generation 3,based around the fact that Apple released a new one when Version 2.0 of its operating system came out.

The list, which says Toshiba and Samsung producing a NAND flash drive for the next-generation iPhone, also says that OmniVision will be supplying the 3.2 megapixel camera lens; both facts that were previously reported. The report also says that Apple expects them to be off the assembly line and into Apple’s HQ somewhere in May, with an initial shipment of 5 million.

Does this mean a June/July launch? Or maybe this is all bulls**t – we will find out soon. The list can be found below.