Telstra to provide free calls to L’Aquila this week

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Starting today, Telstra has announced that it will be making any calls to the Italian city of L’Aquila free; as Australians are calling the city to check on their family members and friends after the recent earthquake, measuring at a magnitude of 6.3.

“To help Australians who are concerned about their friends and family in Italy, Telstra is offering its residential customers free fixed-line telephone calls to contact loved ones during this difficult time,” Jenny Yong, Consumer Executive Director, said in a statement.

“Calls made to L’Aquila Italy during this time will automatically be billed at zero.”

To be eligible, the calls must be between a Australian fixed-line to an Italian fixed-line; using the following prefixes: +39-832 (L’Aquila), +39-863 (Avezzano), +39-864 (Pratola Peligna), +39-746 (Reiti) and +39-861 (Teramo). Please also note that you may still experience difficulties connecting to Italy, even though lines are still open.

This follows a similar thing that Telstra has done with people living in the Gaza Strip in January because of the fighting between Hamas and the Isareli forces. Telstra has also said that if you have been billed for the call, contact Telstra to have those charges rebated.

This will last until midnight on Thursday 16th of April.