Security report links Russian intelligence agency to Georgia cyber attacks

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A new report written by a group of cyber-security experts has claimed that Russian intelligence agencies were linked or probably involved in the 2008 cyber attack on Georgia during the 2008 invasion of the country by Russia in July and August of 2008.

The report has concluded that there is a “strong likelihood” that the Foreign Military Intelligence agency (the GRU) and the Federal Security Service (the FSB) directed the attacks on the Georgian government servers. It also claimed that an internet service provider, connected with the website, was located next door to a military facility a few blocks down from the GRU headquarters.

According to IT World, the involvement from the Kremlin in cyber attacks was given a boost after Sergei Markov, the State Duma Deputy, claimed that one of his assistants was involved in the cyber attacks against Estonia in 2007, after the two countries was in conflict over a Soviet monument.

The full report can be found below:

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