Tip : Select who can see your information on Facebook

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Facebook may be a social network, but everyone wants to have more friends – and that can be a very huge problem when you want to limit who you want to see certain things, but don’t want to lose your “friendship” with them. While this has been a major problem across all social networks, there happens to be a way to do that.

Of course, we are assuming that you have some friends and that you have a Facebook profile. We are also assuming that you have applications outside of the usual Facebook apps.

Firstly, you will need to go to your “Friends” page, and now we are going to make a list for your friends. In this example, I am going to make three categories – “Full”, “Limited” and “Blocked”, allowing me to choose who will have full access to my profile, or have some access to certain information, or just only allow those I say to see my profile, sans the stuff I don’t want them to have access to.

Now, click on one of the three lists – in this example, we are going to use the “Full” list. Now, where you see “Add to List:”, put in your friends name. However, if you want to add the friends in one click, click on the “Multiple Friends” link, where you can click on a list of names to see who you want to have access to some more information about you.


Now, hover over to the “Settings” link and click on “Privacy Settings”. Now, you should be taken to the Privacy settings of your profile. Now, what we are going to say here should apply to all these settings, but we are going to show you how to limit your profile and applications to users.


Click on the “Profile” link, and now from here, you should be able to control your status updates, photos tagged of you, friends, basic information and wall posts, etc. Now, basically, you should click on the drop-down settings, and see who you can choose – like “Friends of Friends” or “Friends”. Click on the “Customize…” link.

Note: Not all settings will have these, and make sure that you have added the friend on the list, or else the friends who are not added can view it as well.


From there, you should be given a pop-up window, like below. Now, under “Except These People”, you can specify who cannot see you basic information. So, I don’t want those who are in my “Blocked” List to see the information, so type in “Blocked” and press enter (or click).

The great thing is that you can also manually add the names of people that you don’t want to have access to it as well. So those people who you don’t want to see, but don’t want them to be added to Blocked and Limited, you can just add their name.


Certain settings will also include an area where you can specify who can see the information. This should be seen as the Option, “Some Friends”. The same thing in “Except These People” applies for this one. You should also be given an option called “Only Me”, and this will allow only you to see that information.

Fear that you have may have added a person in the wrong list, or want to see what they can look at? Scroll back at the top, and go to the text box next to “See how a friend sees your profile:”. This will allow you to see what a specific user will see. You cannot type in your friends list, as it needs a specific profile.

Now, save the changes you have made.


Application settings are very hard to find. You will not be able to find them under the Privacy Settings, but you will need to go to the Applications link at the very bottom of the page. 

You should be given this menu, as seen on the left. After that, click on the “Edit” link. That should take you to the Application Settings link.

Alternatively, after saving your settings on your privacy settings on your profile, you should see a link that would take you to the Application settings.

Now go to the “Show” area, click on the drop down menu and you should see an option called “Added to Profile.”

The list should now change and show the applications that have been added to your profile, either as a Profile Box under the “Boxes” tab in your profile, or into your Info section.

Now, you should see the link called “Edit Settings”. Click on that, and a box should appear on screen. Now, you can see different settings for the application. It should be under the “Profile” section – and that should be highlighted. If not, click it.


Under Privacy, click on the drop-down menu, and you should see the “Customize…” link again. You should now be taken to a new window, and then it will show you a similar menu that you saw when you did this on your profile’s privacy settings – and guess what, the same rules apply to here as well.

Press Okay, and you should be done. Now, you should be taken to the first window, and you will have to press the Okay button again.

There, you have secured your profile to limit what information about you should be given out. This might, potentially, secure your job as you can now limit your Boss on what information that he/she sees. However, if you have any other social networking profiles – you might want to be careful on what you say, since Facebook is the only one that I know of that has this feature.

Good luck!