“iTouch” sets pants on fire, melts underwear; parents sues Apple

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A mother of a 15-year-old child has decided to sue Apple and 10 retail employees (they have not been named in the suit) after the 15-year-old’s iPod touch allegedly exploded in the child’s pocket during school which caused second-degree burns on his leg.

According to Ars Technica, the boy head a “loud pop and immediately felt a burning sensation in his leg.” The case, filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the boy had “realized his Apple iTouch (sic) had exploded and caught on fire in his pocket.”

(Yes, we know that it says iTouch and not iPod Touch, but the case actually says that. You can view the document here.)

“Plaintiff A. V. immediately ran to the bathroom and took off his burning pants with the assistance of a friend. The Apple iTouch had burned through Plaintiff A. V.’s pants pocket and melted through his Nylon/Spandex underwear, burning his leg.”

After seeing the doctor, he is said to “suffer from both physical and mental conditions which will cause him to suffer pain, mental distress, emotional distress and otherwise for the rest of his life,” according to the lawsuit. They are claiming that Apple, and the 10 retail employees, failed to warn the potential risk the “iTouch”.

Because of this claim, they are now accusing them of gross negligence and recklessness, and the mother is asking for compensation of more than $75,000 plus punitive damages of $75,000 or more and attorney fees.