Whirlpool, hosting company threatened by communications regulator

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has threatened to fine ISP internet community website Whirlpool and its hosting company, Bulletproof Networks, $11,000 a day for being indirectly part of leaking the top-secret list of banned web pages, according to The Australian.

The notice, obtained by them, was given to Bulletproof Networks on March 10 after it received a complaint on February 19 about a forum page that “may contain links to other websites that may contain ‘prohibited content’ or ‘potentially prohibited content’.” It gave the hosting company 24 hours to respond and act.

Bulletproof has decided to comply, even though saying that they were surprised to receive a call and the notice from ACMA.

“We took action [with Whirlpool] and got the link removed as per ACMA’s notice because it’s the responsible thing to do when you get any such notice from the authorities,” according to spokesperson Lorenzo Modesto.

“The [ACMA] notice stated that if we don’t comply we could face fines of up to $11,000 a day. As a business we’d rather avoid that and focus on doing what we do best.”

The blacklist is being used, along with a longer list of websites, as the basis of the federal Government plans to trial its announced ISP filtering, which will be compulsory, backflipping on a promise a year or so ago to not make this mandatory.