Sony Australia plans to restructure, to cut jobs

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Sony Australia is planning to restructure its consumer division, which will include a cut in its headcount; and replacing the redundant staff with lower-skilled sales operatives, according to a report by Australian IT. The plan will be told to employees next week.

The company follows along the lines of changes in Sony’s worldwide offices, though it is said to have no links to what is happening in Japan’s economic climate, or that its chief executive Howard Stringer said that the company expects to post a US$3 billion loss for the year.

Sony also announced that it would close 57 factories, and shed 16,000 jobs in order to save US$2.5 billion per year. It is unknown if those who have been made redundant are a part of the tally.

Sony’s business in Australia is diversified, with music handled by Sony Music Entertainment Australia and PlayStation line handled by Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. Its consumer division handles the range of lifestyle products, including cameras, laptops and TVs, in Australia.

A spokeswoman has confirmed the changes, saying, ”We have been planning to make some changes to our sales group but it’s more about evolving a strategy that we started last year around aligning our internal structure better to the centralised and decentralised nature of our retail partners”

She, however, has denied reports of lower-skilled workers replacing those who have been made redundant. However, she has declined to reveal any details.

Image Credit: WhineAndDine/Flickr (Creative Commons)