Guess what iPod touch 2G users – You can now jailbreak your device!

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In what may be an “OMFG!” moment for 2009, a forum posting on the iPod Touch Fans website has given out details on how to finally “untether” your “tethered” iPod touch 2G, to the delight of many users who got the new device and been waiting very patiently, like me.

However, because of the fact that it hasn’t been packaged into PwnageTool or QuickPwn, the two applications that are commonly linked to jailbreaking the iPhone and iPod touch, it means that you really need to be very, very, very careful in not stuffing the process up or you are screwed.

Apparently, according to the iPhone Dev Team, the iPod touch has a “fatal flaw” in its bootrom that allows you to pwn the devices no matter what firmware update decides to pop up on iTunes. Now, we are just waiting for both QuickPwn and PwnageTool to offer the upgrade.

Remember: If you are really, really cautious on “bricking the device” – or making it freeze and non-functional, then you really should hold out until the two applications come out with the new jailbreak method for the iPod touch 2G.