Apple iTunes Gift Card algorithm cracked … by the Chinese

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While the Chinese may have attempted to do some crazy things, like tying to poison us with their milk powder; according to Ars Technica and AppleInsider, iTunes gift cards are now selling around US$3.00 – and that is just for a US$200 gift card.

But why? This is because hackers have managed to crack the algorithm that makes up the codes that pass the security check that Apple has put in iTunes to stop fake and those that have been redeemed. In other words, they are creating actual iTunes Gift Cards.

Apparently, there are thousands of these on sale, and one you buy one, the seller then IMs you the unique code and that can be instantly redeemed on the iTunes Store – meaning that the market on eBay that actually sells you the code from the physical cards themselves is now going to be extinct.

But in Australia, why would you want to buy a US iTunes gift card when you can get one in Australia at the same face value price? Well, it is the fact that the US iTunes store has, well, more content than the ones overseas. In Australia, TV Shows and Movies are limited since they are relatively new to our market – and the more internet consuming. The United States, however, has had TV Shows and Movies since at least 2006 or 2007, and they had a chance to expand the content; and their catalogue of content is pretty extensive.

As Outdustry notes, the price was around 320RMB, but because of the competiton from other sellers have brought the price dramatically during a six month period.

The only problem is that we can’t test the legitimacy of this. Sure we could just buy one, but then there is something about me not wanting to give my IM account to some Chinese hacker or something.