A wink is no longer for flirting

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A blink and a smile can tell your gadgets everything, and we don’t mean lying. According to Physorg, a Japanese inventor has invented a headphone-like gadget, called the “Mimi Switch”, which has tiny sensors that can read the movements from your facial expressions and use them to turn on your iPod or start the washing machine.

“You will be able to turn on room lights or swing your washing machine into action with a quick twitch of your mouth,” Kazuhiro Taniguchi, the inventor, said.

“An iPod can start or stop music when the wearer sticks his tongue out, like in the famous Einstein picture. If he opens his eyes wide, the machine skips to the next tune. A wink with the right eye makes it go back. The machine can be programmed to run with various other facial expressions, such as a wriggle of the nose or a smile.”

He is also working for a wireless version, and he is planning to patent the device in Japan and other countries (so you can’t steal it). He also hopes to find a corporate backer to fund and market the device in two or three years later (or even more, since the fact that Japan is in recession).

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