Need the shortest URL possible?

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Need to shorten the URL for someone, but think that TinyURL or are just too long? Now there’s another guy in the crowded market, but it says it provides the “Shortest URLs on Earth”. Wow, how are you going to do that? By one letter?

Well, sort of. Introducing While that is the landing page, that is not the actual domain. It would be: http://➡.ws. No, we are not kidding. Since the fact that now ICANN is trialling domains with other characters, like Russian scripts and Japanese kana, it’s a good way to exploit it!

However, for you technical folk, you say that it will still be decoded into alpha-numeric characters. And you are right, as the internet is based around those characters. So, the full name would be: xx– Not that short is it.

By the way, http://➡.ws/췘, would actually link back here.