Sony’s new camera with “sweep panorama” and 1080p video recording

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This is Sony’s latest camera that it plans to launch this year. Called the HX1, it is the first camera from its Cyber-shot line to use the 1/2.4-inch Exmor CMOS sensor technology, which allows to achieve burst speeds of 10 frames per second.

With a 9.1 megapixel resolution, it can also take 224-degree panorama shots with a “one easy press-and-sweep motion.” The camera is also said to allow you to record movie clips in full 1080p resolution, which makes it equivalent to Blu-Ray.

It also features a built-in stereo microphone, and has a HDMI port, so you can watch the HD clips and see the images on your high-definition television.

The camera will be available in April for US$500 – surprisingly cheap for a camera with 1080p HD video recording. No date when this will arrive in Australia.