Facebook new homepage allows you to follow and filter; adds new features

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Facebook has brought in a couple of new changes today, including an announcement of a brand new redesign to the front page that users see when they log-in. The new design will allow users to easily publish, follow their friends’ stream and now will allow them to filter by friends, groups and by application.

Users will be shifted to the new design starting on March 11, so you have a couple of days to reminisce of the old page.

Also among the new changes are the rebranded “Pages” on Facebook. These will now look like normal Facebook profiles, which allows users to connect to celebrities, musicians, websites, politicians and organisations. Users already having a page on the old format needs to re-publish so the new changes can take effect.

And since politicians and musicians have thousands of fans, Facebook has decided to lift the 5000-friend cap that has been in place.

You can see the of the new homepage after the jump.