Trujillo to depart Telstra confirmed, to leave at the end of June

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sol4_lowres Telstra’s chief executive Sol Trujillo has announced that he will be leaving the company, with the Chairman, Donald McGauchie, saying that Trujillo’s last day would be the last day of June, or 30 June. Trujillo, who is a US citizen, is expected to to return to his home country.

Trujillo was the CEO when Telstra was privatised, with the Government holding a small share on the telecommunications company; and was the person who replace Telstra’s existing CDMA network and brought 3G coverage around Australia with its NextG network.

Under Trujillo, the mobile network reached speeds of 21Mbps, reforming its equipment and saw broadband usage skyrocketing, as the company switched on its new ADSL2+ network infrastructure and made it available to wholesale customers.

But as well, he has a poor relationship with the unions, and the fact that he brought in job cuts in the last two or three years in his tenure as CEO, which started in 2005.

Mr McGauchie said in a statement that the board would like to congratulate Sol for his leadership of Telstra over the past few years.

“His vision, strategic direction and commitment to execution have positioned Telstra as a media communications company with a wide range of options for ongoing growth.”

“Under Sol’s leadership, Telstra has significantly outperformed the market and its global peers, producing world-leading results within the telecommunications sector,” he continued.