Gawker incorporates Defamer, most of the staff gone

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custom_1235334589615_Picture_32 Gawker Media has decided to incorporate their Hollywood gossip blog, Defamer, into its main blog Gawker – where gossip from New York, Silicon Valley and (now) Hollywood will now co-exist. However, the staff will no longer be a part of the site, with the writers sticking around for the remainder of the week.

This follows a similar plan to what they did with Valleywag, and is part of a continuous plan of Gawker to consolidate and try retaining a profit in the market.

Defamer started four years ago, but was announced that it was for sale after it sold the consumer blog, The Consumerist, to Consumers Union.

However, Gawker is looking for a new correspondent for Hollywood. You can send find all the information on their website.

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