Victoria Police looking on how to stop internet frenzy on arsonist information

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Victoria Police is discussing with the Department of Public Prosecutions a way to ban messages being posted on blogs and social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace that contain his image or street address,  according to The Age.

This is because of a suppression order on the information of his identity. However, his name can be revealed. This, however, has not stopped many people posting it on the World Wide Web, since the suppression order is limited to the state of Victoria.

The Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe has said, “We don’t want anything to take place, we don’t want anything to be done, that might jeopardise a fair trial down the track.”

Brendan Sokaluk, 39, is charged for one count of arson causing death, one count of intentionally lighting a bushfire and one count of possessing child pornography. The first two charges are related to the Churchill fire that killed 10 people and destroyed 200 homes and 30,000 hectares of land. has refused to publish any information about Brendan Sokaluk of fear of prosecution by the courts. While is hosted on an international server, our staff is based within the jurisdiction of the suppression order.

Investigations are continuing on the matter, and Police are also investigating if some of the fires that happened on Black Saturday were deliberately lit.