Internet brings out information about accused arsonist’s life, location

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A man accused of starting a blaze that killed 11 people, according to The Age, at the bushfire in Churchill has had his whereabouts and pictures of him posted on social networking website Facebook, even though there has been an injunction by the courts to not to have that information mentioned in public.

However, the name of the man can be revealed. Brendan Sokaluk, 39, is charged with arson causing death and one count of possessing child pornography.

He is said to be clearly bitter, according to The Inqusitr, after to have a doomed relationship with a girl named Alexandra. As well, in an ironic twist, he says that his heroes are “mother earth” as “we all would be dead [without her]”.

He also says that he has affiliations with US religious group called “The Truth of God,” a group that is known to have extreme views against women clergy and gay people.

Several groups have been created about Brendan Sokaluk on Facebook, with several users calling him to “burn in hell” and calling him “scum”.

One poster wrote on the group’s wall: “i dont want him to rot in jail be fucked if my taxes are paying for that scum bag to be in there, put a ring of fire around the bastard and let the bastard burn. words cannot descibe what sort of thing he is.”

“This guy is scum. Lighting the fire and possessing child pornography. He should get life in jail. It’s people like him that earn the term ‘oxygen theives’,” another wrote.

Facebook has been asked by Victoria Police to remove the details from the website, while his MySpace profile has been deleted. Facebook users have also responded to remove some of the threads that want to see the man dead, as they can be legally held up under the law, with penalties including time in jail.

Because of a suppression order, has decided not to publish his whereabouts and full picture (his face is blurred on our one) on the website as an act of caution. Even though the site is hosted outside of Australia, many of our visitors do come from Australia (and so do most of our writers).

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