Panasonic’s new idea – force your employees to buy your products

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Here’s a way to stimulate your business – get your employees to buy your products. Panasonic has announced that it will force its middle-ranking employees to buy its products, as it already faces a turbulent year with the financial crisis hitting its profits.

Mid-level managers will need to spend at least 100,000 yen worth of stuff, while those in senior management need to spend 200,000 yen on the products. Also, here’s an interesting fact – they did a similar thing in 2002.

10,000 employees have been given this demand – and if you are lucky to save your job from the 15,000 job cuts that are happening; you might want to get ready, because you might be forced to pay that 103-inch plasma that Panasonic has.

Image Source: Guillermo Esteves

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