Twitter shines with sympathy as Victorian bushfires continues

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As Victoria continues to battle with the worst bushfires since Ash Wednesday in February 1983, users on microblogging tool Twitter are bringing in news of the fire (from their own view or news sources), and their sympathies to those affected by the bushfires.

Twitter, which is popular by many – including the media, gained attention on many events, like the Mumbai attacks in late 2008, or during the US Elections during 2008, for its constant stream of live, real-time messages about the events – beating the traditional media.

According to reports, at least 66 people have been confirmed dead, with the media are saying that this could reach up to 100. This eclipses the Ash Wednesday bushfire death toll of 47 people.

“mourning the loss of Marysville & Kinglake. my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones in the #bushfires,” writes user @_hadz_.

“Hugs to my friends down under. Victoria is burning. Many perish,” Leo Laporte (@LeoLaporte) writes.

Donations can be given to the Red Cross via online, or by contacting them on 1800 811 700. The Salvation Army is also calling for donations like clothing and other items; and the National Australia Bank has established a relief fund of $1 million to victims of the fire.

Image: The Age/AFP