IE drops in market share; IE, Chrome, Safari rise

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Internet Explorer continues its drop in the browser war, but still is retains the number one placing, with 67.55 percent of the total market share, according to Net Applications – down from December’s 68.15%, and it looks likes a continuing trend.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome continues to grow, while Opera lost 0.01 percent. Firefox was up 21.53 percent, from December’s 21.34 percent; while Safari grew from 7.93 percent to 8.29 percent. Google’s Chrome, though not having a Mac and Linux version, has a 1.12 percent market share, up from 1.04 percent.

According to CNET, Internet Explorer lost nine percent of its market share in the last two years, with a drop of seven percent since February last year. But it still hopes that Internet Explorer 8, which Microsoft released a release candidate version, would regain some of the lost market share from Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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