Motorola’s layoffs may see shift away from Windows Mobile

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With Motorola eliminating 4,000 jobs after posting a loss in the fourth quarter of 2008, as holiday sales plummet more than 50 percent from a year earlier, there might be signs that Motorola may be shifting away from using Windows Mobile as the OS for many of its smartphones, according to the Wall Street Journal.

There have also been signs, with the recent cuts happening to more than 70 employees in its Windows Mobile platform at its Plantation, Florida facility. A spokesperson told the WSJ that Motorola “will continue to support Windows Mobile and will have devices out this year.”

"Today, our plans remain the same: rebuilding and repositioning the Mobile Devices business remain a top priority."

In addition, they recently have said that they will focus on the Americas and China, as both companies bring more strength into the company’s profits; and have pulled back from Europe, the Middle East and much of Asia. But even with the focus in the Americas, one has said that it has axed many jobs in the sales and marketing areas in Latin America – relying in distributors instead.

However, as GigaOM points out, these may not be enough for Motorola to reverse the tide of having negative growth since 2007 – as its mobile handset business is the weakest link in the company.

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