Hulu : An Evil Plot to Destroy the World

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If you receive an error from Flash, it is not’s fault – it’s the video site’s fault.

The Superbowl may be over, but the ads will not, since it has been an ongoing tradition to post these ads up online and vote on them. You can find many of them on Hulu (which also made an ad), YouTube, Spike and a whole lot of other sites.

Hulu also made its advertising debut, as previously it relied on word of mouth or the blogs to promote. But now, it has declared themselves as aliens and evil. It’s ad, starring 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin, didn’t turn out to be the “secret” of new content on Hulu for all those watching, according to CNET.

“You know they say TV will rot your brain?” Baldwin narrates, as he goes down in an elevator to a secret laboratory. “That’s absurd. TV only softens the brain like a ripe banana. To take it all the way, we’ve created Hulu.” It’s supposed to mean the wide range of content that is available on the site.

Maybe being evil is good – well, for them at least.