Photoshop CS4 on a 3.5-inch floppy disk?

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Remember the days when almost everything was done on the floppy disk? And those times when a program would be around 4 or 5 disks to install it on your computer, before the days of the CD-ROM, then the DVD-ROM, then downloading it on the web (illegally, not that we condone such actions)?

Well, thanks to Antrepo Designs, you can now find out what your favourite software from this era, like Mozilla Firefox, would be on the floppy disk – and it while it may be easy to just download, if we didn’t have the internet to download, it would be a pain to install from a floppy disk?

Why? Well, the entire Firefox program is split onto 48 floppy disks – 12 for the program, and 36 for the plugins. As well, Photoshop CS4 would take 358 floppy disks, iTunes 8 would take 46 floppy disks and the popular EA’s SIMS 3 would take up 1,760 floppy disks. I can imagine your arm would hurt after doing that.

Thankfully these are not real, but are posters. You can get the set of 4 limited edition, hand-signed digital prints (measuring at 18.9” x 26.8”) at their shop for US$120.

More images are below.




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