Netscape survey shows many disagree with internet filtering proposal

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A Netscape survey has found that 61.8 percent out of nearly 10,000 people surveyed strongly disagree with the the Australian Government’s plan to make ISP level filtering mandatory, with an additional 17.1 percent choosing disagree.

On the same question, 0.4 percent said that they had no response, 7.1 percent were undecided, 7.3 agreed that ISP level filtering should be mandatory, and 6.3 percent strongly agree.

Another question, which asked that it is reasonable for consumers to pay more to have mandatory ISP level filtering, saw 71.3 percent strongly disagree, with an additional 16.5 percent selecting that they disagree. Only 7.5 percent chose either agree or strongly agree, while 4.1 percent were undecided.

On the question that the reduced Internet speed was an “acceptable trade off” to have ISP level filtering, 77.1 percent strongly disagreed, and additional 13.6 percent disagree with that question. Also, another question, asking was it acceptable for “innocent” sites to be blocked, saw 86.7 percent choosing that they disagree or strongly disagree with that statement.

The last question, asking that would you purchase a filtering service or “Clean Feed” that would block content deemed inappropriate for children, saw 64.9 percent of the respondents saying no, 8.4 percent saying yes and 26.1 percent that they may consider it. 0.6 percent of the respondents had no comment.

You can see the full results on their website.

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