“Fallout 3” publisher won’t commit in getting downloadable content for PS3

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After the credits roll on Fallout 3, that’s the end of the game. You can’t play any of the unfinished side quests, unless you play from an old save of the game; and that’s what was the major complaint from many of the gamers who played the game on the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3.

But all of that is going to change, as MTV Multiplayer Blog is reporting that Bethesda (the creators of the game) will make downloadable content to allow you to continue playing the game. Just one little problem – that downloadable content is not coming to the PlayStation 3 version.

Why not the PS3? Well, it’s up for debate – is it a feud between Sony and Bethesda? Or is it that the PS3 sales were so low that updating the game wasn’t worth it?

Is this the death of the PlayStation brand?

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