$90 million “black hole” in Victorian Police IT arm

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The Australian has revealed that the Victorian Police’s Business Information Technology Service (BITS), which is under internal investigation for fraud, kickbacks and disappearing equipment, has a $90 million “black hole” (as described by The Australian) in its accounts.

A consultant’s report that was leaked and obtained by The Australian, also show that it would need an extra $89 million to prop up a major contract.

The report also found that there were "discrepancies between recorded costs … and the totals for invoices received from suppliers" and that the staff disregarded government and departmental purchasing guidelines. However, investigating such claims has been made difficult as many of the staff are not sworn police officers – meaning that they are out of reach of the Office of Police Integrity.

A spokeswoman for Police Minister Bob Cameron has said that there has not been any request for additional funding from BITS, while a spokeswoman for the police told the Australian: "Victoria Police is in the process of reviewing the findings in the report as some of the conclusions reached do not appear to be consistent with internal budget projections and costings."

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