10 WordPress themes you should stay away from

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WordPress is a great CMS and blogging platform, but theming for it is not equal. Like web designing, for every good or beautiful design, you will always have a design that we say that you should stay away. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t download them – we’re just saying that they suck, and that people would dislike your site even more.

So, here are the list of the top 10 worst WordPress themes that you should stay away from:

iPhone Theme


The design is supposed to resemble the iPhone, but it does a poor job of doing it. Why putting the icons of a few apps when they don’t even work, nor the one where “Navigation” looking like an app icon makes any favours. The sidebar’s background image is too small, as you can tell from the words going through it, and I still can’t believe it has been downloaded by over 2,000 people.

World of Warcraft Theme 1.0


The header image is too big, the title overlaps with the motto, and the text gets in the background makes the other text hard to read. Also, the theme doesn’t really like widescreen monitors as the image is suitable for those with a 1024 x 768 resolution.

Rounded Blue


Rounded Blue is one of the most ugliest themes I have ever seen as a blogger. The blues don’t really go together, and the choice of font, Times New Roman, makes it more of an unfortunate theme. But, it does have one thing that goes in my good books (but still won’t make me download it) – at least its blue.



Only known as “E”, the theme is said to have a “Magic Bar, AdSense (support), 7 sidebars, named sidebars, 5 template pages, widget ready (and) social bookmarks”. But, also, it is very, very ugly; and the design is very poorly constructed – I mean, you don’t see the header like that. Plus, the blue makes this even worst.



You would never believe this, but this is from the same author from the creators of E. The green colouring is not much of a put-off as I thought, but it is still hideous – and the navigation is pretty much similar to E – where it’s just a background colour and not something impressive.

Abel One


A theme that uses Comic Sans – now that you would never see, and we hoped that would be true. However, it isn’t and some person used this font to make a bloody design with it? Comic Sans is a font that has to die, unless you are using it to cheat the page limit on your next essay. On the design? I have no comment, other than to say it’s pretty much ugly.



Um… this design is ugly, but it is also a liquid design – meaning that the design will fit, no matter what is your screen resolution on your monitor – just make sure it’s not a 1080p plasma. The background looks all weird, and sometimes the colour becomes hard to read, or is just an eyesore.



The title says the design’s inspiration – it’s supposed to be a pool. However, it ended up to be a theme that looks broken, horrible and obviously poorly thought out. While the layout looks like to be based on the magazine-styled WordPress themes, it still failed on reproducing it. Plus, the colour scheme is disgusting.

Fat Mary


Warning: the following design is overloaded with layers. Headers, the date, the content and even the title and sideline has boxes around them, which makes it too much and very much a horrid design. While the colour scheme is acceptable, it is still horrible.



The description says it all – “A hideously ugly, barely usable theme inspired by Jakob Nielsen”. This is a theme dedicated to him; and while it may be a joke theme, it still is hideous. If you don’t know who is Jakob Nielsen, he’s the guy who claims to be a “web usability consultant” but says that all the graphics and Flash animation ruins the experience.