10 WordPress themes to get your blog started

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WordPress is a fabulous CMS and Blogging Tool, however, its default theme might not be giving your blog that “wow” factor that you want to impress your friends. You could always develop your own theme, but that would be silly if you have no knowledge on how to design one.

So, today, we will be bringing some of the 10 themes that we liked that you may want to use. And yes, all of them are free.

Cellar Heat


Coming in a light and dark version and designed by Evan Eckard, and released with Smashing Magazine, it brings a more grunge-style motif to your blog. It is a widget enabled theme, meaning that you can use WordPress widgets, and it is also supports Gravatars – so people’s comments will have a single avatar, no matter what blog they write on.

Carrington Blog


This blog theme is listed to be a “developer friendly theme with atomic templates and an elegant override hierarchy”, meaning even if you have some knowledge of CSS and XHTML, you can edit this theme to suit your own needs without ruining the theme (but you can still practically do it to almost every theme). It is widget-enabled and supports Gravatars.

Desk Mess


Widget-enabled and Gravatars supported; this theme is to emulate a work desktop – and I know a couple of people who love this theme to death. And I sort of like it, because its design sort of works for a personal blog, or even for a small company’s blog.



simpleX, along with all the blogs we listed at the top, is widget-enabled and support Gravatars; but also one of the few themes to be updated to support the new WordPress 2.7 commenting system. This design is so simple that it looks perfect as it is – and, though minimalist, has options to change the colour scheme.



The theme is another that supports Gravatars and is widget-enabled, but it a theme that uses .png alpha-transparency to allow you to see a bit more of the background. While the top navigation may be a bit hard to see if you are using a darker background, the sidebar is movable, meaning that people can rearrange your widgets.

Colour Paper


Another theme from Smashing Designs, but this time from DreamTemplate. The theme is widget-enabled and supports Gravatars, and I like this theme because of its layered look. It supposed to look like paper, and it does a great job replicating it. The theme also has a colour changer, but that only changes the colours on the rest of the posts, no the featured post (or the top post).



This theme has to be one of the most beautiful and simplistic themes I have ever seen. Widget-enabled and supports Gravatars, the theme is created by a company that also designs Premium WordPress themes (meaning that you pay for it) – and the theme lives up to its name, since its suitable for almost any type of blog.



Mixing variations on the colour brown in a clean, two-column look makes this a great theme just get a blog started. Based on a website template, it is a widget-enabled and Gravatars supported theme. It is, however, more suitable for a personal blog where you just detail your life.



Another beautiful theme, but this one doesn’t make your blog like a normal blog, but it is supposed to allow people to keep track on not only your life on what you write on the blog, but your life outside the blog and into social networking sites like Twitter. Oh, and the title is Portuguese for “syndicate, collect, aggregate” – according to the designer.



Remember this theme? Before being techgeek.com.au, and even way before we were techgeek.reawaken.info; we were techgeek.scorerightservices.com and we used this theme to start our blog. But now, it’s back and now supporting Gravatars and widgets on its sidebar, and the dark look makes it look more beautiful.