Windows 7 Beta end date moved

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Microsoft has said that it will move the date when Windows 7 will no longer be available to the general public to February 10th, after previously saying that it will end the availability to the beta on January 24th – which was an extension from its previous plan to limit it to a number of people.

“Because enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we don’t want anyone to miss out we will keep the Beta downloads open through February 10th,” Brandon LeBlanc wrote in a blog posting on The Windows Blog.

However, people who have started the download before the 10th of February and have not finished the download will still be able to continue until February 12th, when it will no longer be available. MSDN and TechNet subscribers are exempt from the date, and will still be able to download bits of it during the beta phase.

Product keys will still be available after the downloads, meaning that if you didn’t get your product key, you can still get one so you don’t miss out the excitement of the beta.