IMTV saga continues – EFTel left in the dark

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The drama of IMTV has become an intriguing story; involving three ISPs – Internode, EFTel/aaNet and themselves; but when one says that they are lying, another coming out saying that it was the first time that they heard of it and Whirlpool users reactions of it becoming negative – we all know that means bad news for the company.

EFTel, which was named to have made a “special arrangement” with IMTV, has said that its wholesale arm, DFT Wholesale, made “no discussions” with the company to churn its customer base to EFTel; telling iTNews that it “was the first time we’d heard about it”.

The statements by CEO Michael Jaffar said that Internode was suing the company over the word “Extreme” and the colour orange; while Internode has repeatedly said that no lawsuit exists and that it only sent a cease and desist letter to the embattled ISP.

However, EFTel, along with sister company aaNet, have said that if any customer from IMTV wants to churn, they can by sending an e-mail to them – but this is entirely up to the customer, as it has said that it did not take over the customer base.

Michael Jaffar has also been a man that has constantly changed his forum posting, previously stating that a special agreement with EFTel to advising them to churn to aaNet or EFTel – but remnants of his original forum postings are scattered around the web.

Jaffar has also said that IMTV has not “completely shutdown”, but just planned a “temporary shutdown” to its broadband arm and a public statement will be made tomorrow detailing the proposed “temporary shutdown”. But, even if he just put another word before “shutdown”, a shutdown is still a shutdown.

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