Inauguration causes record highs on the internet

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The Inauguration of President Barack Obama has become the busiest day of the internet since ever, as many people were trying to access the Inauguration content live from not only television, but live internet coverage from video to Twitter and live blogs.

Akamai Technology has said that 7.7 million people watched the video streams hosted on their servers, a record for the company as nearly 2 million watch video streams hosted by them on ordinary days. Also, Limelight Networks recorded 2.5 million watched the inauguration on their server.

According to reports, radio network NPR recorded an outage; while CNN put some viewers on a waiting list before they could watch the Inauguration coverage, along with its partnership with Facebook to have users comment on the inauguration.

The White House website, which we reported to have changed their design, took twice as long to load in the 10am to 12pm (Washington DC time), and 16 times longer at 11:30am, but were back to normal once the Obama administration was now in charge.

Twitter also saw an increase on the tweets being posted during the Inauguration, with five times more tweets per second during the celebration. CNN also notes that it served up 21.3 million people around the world with its live streams, and CBS News also reported to have difficulty because of the unusual high number of requests.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, had three times the previous record of people accessing its video streams, most likely thanks to the help of its “Inauguration Dashboard”, while Fox News recorded 5 million people accessing its video streams online.

However, we have to wait on the ratings for the Inauguration to get a true scope on how many people watched on TV in Australia.