Change has come to the White House – and to its website

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Change has come to the United States and to the free world when Barack Obama said the Presidential Oath of Office and became the 44th President of the United States at 4:06AM AEDT. Cheering, celebrations and excitement filled the air – but another change came, mainly the website.

Officially, Barack Obama and his new administration takes office at 12PM Washington Time, but because of the inauguration was over by a reported 18 minutes behind schedule, it became an early gift when we get to see the new website.

The new website follows in the same style as his presidential campaign and his transition websites, but also comes as a huge reboot to the website. The previous site, by the Bush administration, did not have the a blog, slideshows nor have any “Weekly Video Address”.

The site also includes the new pages on the administration, its agenda and the usual information about the White House.

All in all, the new site is part of his new agenda – bringing change to the world.

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